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Supporting low-fee private schools to create an environment that enables ALL children learn and thrive.

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We know 6 out of 10 children globally aren’t learning.

For many students, the barrier to quality education is because their schools lack the right systems and structures.

Support low-fee private schools to provide quality education services.


Private schools take on an increasingly important role in expanding access to education, particularly in low-income communities.

Out of the nearly 35,000 private schools in Ghana, about 80% are providing basic education to school-going children, and more than half of the private basic education providers are serving children from low-income communities.

We’re transforming low-fee private schools into leading centres of excellence in education which create an environment that enables children learn and thrive.

With your support, we are empowering low-fee private schools to develop effective operational, administrative and management systems.

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Take Action

The average lifespan of low-fee private schools in Ghana is 14 years.

Private schools employ over 400,000 employees across Ghana and educate over 8 million students. Low-fee private schools make up 40% of this number. These schools not only serve children from Ghana’s lowest-income households but also provide decent employment to local communities.


Together let's support all schoolchildren to have access to a school environment that builds the foundation for their future success

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