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What We Do

We provide capacity building, resources and advisory support in school management, administration and operations to low-cost private schools to enable them create a supportive learning environment.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

We offer targeted capacity-building and professional development programs for school leaders and administrators, including workshops, mentoring, and training. Through these initiatives, we improve their knowledge in various areas such as school management, administration, finance, staff recruitment, development and retention, and building strong school-community partnerships.

Capacity Building

Advisory Support

We offer ongoing advisory support to schools, assisting them in developing effective operational systems, financial management, and governance structures. This guidance helps schools establish robust management practices and optimize their resources


We foster a community of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among schools, enabling them to learn from one another's experiences and best practices. Through networking events, forums, and online platforms, schools can exchange ideas, innovations, and challenges, fostering a supportive ecosystem

Network and Collaboration

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We employ monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track the progress and impact of our interventions. Regular assessments help identify areas of improvement and enable evidence-based decision-making to ensure sustainable growth

Monitoring and Evaluation

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