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Annual Income

Social Impact

Think Education’s work helps to ensure that low-fee private schools have a solid foundation to build on. Schools are better equipped through efficient systems, operations and administration to improve on the education services they provide for children.

For e.g. Schools are supported to develop a vibrant school that aligns with the overall values, mission and vision of the school to enable children to learn and thrive. Better systems also mean expansion enabling the school to enrol even more children, thereby increasing access to education.

Think Education supports schools to develop effective financial models, budgets and other forms of financial plans. This encourages the sustainability and growth of schools, enabling them to access funding/financing, create opportunities for good and decent jobs and secure livelihoods, particularly for school staff.

Research shows that low-fee private schools are unable to improve the quality of education services due to the lack of access, unlike middle and upper-middle-income contemporaries. Think Education bridges this gap and tries to put low-fee private basic schools on a level playing field as their colleagues who have access to these services. Subsequently, creating equal opportunities for children from low-fee basic schools.   

Annual convening, institutional mentorship and communities of practice under Think Education’s program create an environment that encourages knowledge sharing and cooperation between schools that “know a little bit more” and those that “know a little less” building on their experiences, resources and strategies.


Think Education was set up in November 2019, but officially launched its operations in February 2020. We have achieved the following feats in 1 year of active operations.

School Reopening and Planning Checklist

To mitigate the challenges schools had to face in planning for school reopening, a planning guide and checklist was put together by Think Education and shared with over 50 schools. This timely resource supported over 600 educators, plan for reopening in areas such as business and financial management, parent engagement, a clean and safe environment conducive for learning, staff engagement, teaching and learning. Over 5500 schoolchildren benefitted from heads of schools implementing parts of the planning guide & checklist for school reopening.

Better Schools Program

Think Education is supporting at least 5 low-fee schools in our network to work on specific schools management, administrative and operational challenges and evaluate the success of implementation in phase 1 of the Better Schools Program. The benefits of implementing this program will directly impact over 600 schoolchildren, allowing them to have access to quality education and ensuring they are not left behind.


  1. $5000 Grant Award - Ashesi/Ford Foundation Fund for Service to Children and Youth

  2. Most Feasible Venture (Ashesi Business Exhibition)

  3. Ashesi Enterprise Fund/Stanbic Incubator 2nd place Award for Overall Best Start-up

Where we Work

There are currently 5 schools under the Better Schools program across the Tamale Metro and Sangerigu districts in Northern Region, Ghana. Think Education has however engaged over 50 schools across these two districts in various capacities.


In 2021, we are working towards expansion to engage low-fee private schools in the Kumbungu and Savelugu Nanton districts, also in Northern Ghana.

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