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ThinkEd has developed programs to pool the strengths of different stakeholders through innovative collaborations. From our institutional mentorship program to being a collaborator or student intern, we invite you to explore our work and dive in.

We rely on these collaborations to develop our work in supporting lower-middle-income private schools

Become a Collaborator

We engage early-career professionals who provide targeted assistance in any of our 5 key areas to schools working with ThinkEd

Institutional Mentorship Program

We believe that schools that know a little bit more can help schools that know a little bit less through customised one-on-one support and guidance to develop successful systems

Volunteer With Us

Our volunteers help us accomplish our vision. Volunteer roles are varied, from research to digital communications, there are so many ways you could help us deliver our services


Join us on the journey to transform lower-middle-income schools into leading centres of excellence in education which create an environment that enables students to thrive

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