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How A Social Entrepreneur Is Using Her Retirement Funds to Support Girls' Education

Updated: May 4, 2021

King of Glory Academy opened in 2007. The proprietor, Auntie Stella, is a retired teacher and has used money from her retirement fund to run the school for most of the part of the school's existence.

Like many low-fee private schools, King of Glory faces many administrative and operational challenges. According to Auntie Stella, the most pressing need is to improve the school’s current physical structure. There is also the need to develop a system that facilitates the collection of school fees as less than 50% is currently collected at the end of a school term. Auntie Stella looks forward to working with Think Education to address the many challenges her school faces, and we are excited to support a social entrepreneur and advocate for the education of vulnerable girls in low-income areas.

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