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ThinkEd Participates in Ashesi Business Exhibition

June 27, 2020

Over the weekend, Think Education Ghana was graced to be a part of the fourth edition and first ever virtual session of the Ashesi Business Exhibition. Organised via the online events management platform, Hopin, the business exhibition is a part of the efforts by Ashesi University and the Ashesi Enterprise Fund (AEF) to expose alumni and student startups to the general entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ghana. Some partners of this year’s business exhibition were the Stanbic Bank Incubator, Landtours, DreamOval, Asensu Capital and Mazzuma.

At the exhibition, Think Education was represented by Nana Ama Boa-Amponsem, the social enterprise’s founder and budding Ashesi University alum. An exposition characterised by pitch presentations of the business to stakeholders and potential collaborators was first on the agenda for the day. Through a virtual Expo booth, ThinkEd was also able to answer the questions of the guests and evaluators.

“We’re looking for advisors and collaborators… who can advise on strategy and management or connect Think Education with key individuals, schools and other organisations.”

- Nana Ama Boa-Amponsem

The next session for the event was a roundtable discussion on the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ghana and how ventures within the continent could receive support. During this session the founder of Think Education provided key insights on the challenges of starting a business enterprise outside of the country’s capital city. On discussing the need for business incubators such as the AEF to be evenly spread out and initiated in other regions Ghana, other issues discussed were the needs for business scaling and sustainability through the use of technology. The panel also raised points on why it is important that schools teach people for entrepreneurship and not only about it and further discussed the need for a network among entrepreneurs to share the pains and challenges of their processes.

Awards Ceremony

The Ashesi Business Exhibition was climaxed with an award ceremony for its 10 exhibitors. Think Education swept away three out of the eleven awards available including The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) Award for the Most Feasible Venture and the AEF & Stanbic Incubator 2nd place Award for Overall Best Start-up. Nana Ama Boa-Amponsem also took home the Ama Duncan Award for Best Female Entrepreneur.

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