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Enabling Resilience Amidst Covid-19: The Case of Excellent Performance Academy

Updated: May 4, 2021

Excellence Performance Academy has enjoyed working with Think Education since October 2020. We were introduced to Think Education when schools were shut down, and our school, like many others, were trying to stay afloat over the period.

During this time, Think Education shared with us resources on ways to keep our students engaged. Our school and students did not have access to online learning platforms; thus, our continuous engagement with students was an extreme challenge. In November, when the president announced school reopening in January, Think Education again shared a planning guide and checklist on various things to consider, such as financial management, parent and staff engagement, as our school planned to reopen in January. I must say that this resource was of immense help, particularly the section on parent engagement which helped us communicate with parents, mobilise them and emphasise why the children needed to be back in school after a long period of school closures.

After school reopened, Think Education supported us to recruit new teachers in a week, after we lost over 80% of our teachers, the majority of whom were secondary school graduates and had gained admission to tertiary institutions to further their education.

Our school has a major challenge in school fees collection, and sometimes over 50% of fees go uncollected after a school term. Currently, Think Education is supporting us to build a system that will help us effectively manage school accounts and record-keeping. This will go a long way to help us increase school-fee collection rates, be consistent in paying the salaries of our staff, which will ultimately reduce the turnover rate. Increasing our school fee collection rate will most importantly help the school buy the many needed resources to facilitate a great teaching and learning environment.

Kamara Hamdalatu Yahaya

Proprietor - Excellent Performance Academy, Tamale

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